Digital Online Vault powered by SecureSafe was developed in partnership by Contronex, Inc. and DSwiss, AG. Digital Online Vault provides unique, value-added solutions for business’ and their clients to ensure the privacy and security of confidential data.

About Contronex, Inc.

Contronex specializes in the distribution of IT security software solutions and are the Distribution Partner for multiple products in the United States and Canada. Since 1990, thousands of companies have been using our services to accommodate their needs for reliable and fast procurement of products. Our commitment is quite unique and entwines three simple concepts: Integrity, Reliability and Commitment to Service.

About DSwiss AG - Creator of SecureSafe

DSwiss AG is the leading provider of highly secure storage for digital data and passwords. SecureSafe is offered by DSwiss AG, which was founded in 2008 as an independent corporation with headquarters in Zurich. Worldwide, more than 900,000 customers are already using SecureSafe to store their important files and passwords.