• Designed to Protect

    Designed to Protect

    Digital Online Vault is built to protect the privacy of your data. We employ a wide range of security measures including internationally renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and redundant data storage.
    Digital Online Vault is built to protect the privacy of your data. We employ a wide range of security measures including internationally renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and redundant data storage.

How is Digital Online Vault Secure?

Designed to protect the privacy of your data.  Digital Online Vault powered by SecureSafe employs a range of security measures including renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and data storage in redundant data centers.

  • What better place to store your data than a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains
  • Our data centers are compliant will all banking guidelines and regulations

Digital Online Vault powered by SecureSafe uses several redundant data centers, which are compliant with the security requirements of the Swiss banking commission.  So this means that your data is protected physically and digitally using the highest standards possible.

Highly Secure Login

Use a one-time SMS code plus your password

  • Like the systems you have seen when accessing your bank, we offer you a 2-factor authentication (mobile TAN) to further enhance the security of your online data. Once you activate this feature, you will receive a SMS message, after you have typed in your password to login, that contains a unique code that is generated on each login. So even if someone were to figure out your password, they wouldn't be able to login without direct access to your cell phone.

 SMS Authentication for mobile devices

  • In addition to offering this service when accessing your Vault through the web, our mobile apps also offer 2-factor authentication. DoubleSec, a technology from our partner SecureSafe, makes it even easier to sue this extra protection by automating the second step of the authentication process on mobile devices.
  • This authentication feature is included in all paid Digital Online Vault subscriptions.

Maximum Password Protection

The Secure Remote Password Protocol

  • The Secure Remote Password Protocol, a highly efficient security protocol, was developed by Stanford University. The use of this system means that your data is extremely well protected from internet attacks.

No one can ever access your password

  • Your login information is only available to you. When you create your account, you are given a Login Recovery Code (store this in a safe place!) that can be used in case you ever forget your password, but if you can't remember credentials or lose this recovery code, there is no way to regain access to the data in your vault. Our team members have no way to assist you in recovering your password, they can only reset your account which would wipe all of the data you had stored. Keep in mind that in addition to your password, no employee can see the data in your vault.

Need help choosing strong passwords?

  • Your Digital Online Vault has a built in indicator that tells you whether a password is truly strong. It also suggests easy to remember, yet strong, passwords, based on a method our partner SecureSafe developed in cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Full Encryption for Your Data

Customer specific encryption

  • When you create your account, the master encryption key for your data is created using PBKDF#2 (RFC-2898) with the password you entered as the base. Since you are the only person that knows your password, the only way to decrypt your data is you. Remember that our staff has no way to know your password, so your vault is fully protected from malicious attacks.

Secure for the long-term

  • In addition to this encryption, we use RSA-2048 and AES-256 standards to protect the transfer of information from our servers to your devices. This ensures maximum protection for the present and future.

Encryption in the memory of your computer

  • When you access the vault on your computer, we actually encrypt the passwords that you have stored in the memory of your computer while you are working. The password is only decrypted when you actually click to display it and use it.

Highly Secure Apps

AES-256 encryption on mobile Apps

  • Even though your mobile device can encrypt the data on it using various methods, we do not rely on this to ensure your privacy. Instead, we encrypt your data again by using AES-256 to encrypt all Vault data on your mobile phone. This is why our users have been protected from recent attacks on mobile operating systems.

Data Transport Protection

Double protection for your data in transport

  • We use SSL certificates to protect your data when it is in transport between our data centers and your device. These certificates are not standard issue, they are EV SSL certificates that are only given to companies that have been fully verified. You can recognize these enhanced certificates from the green background color in the address field of your browser.


Additional encryption of your passwords

  • In addition to this protection using SSL certificates, each session is encrypted using what is called a session key to encrypt particularly sensitive data such as your user information and the passwords that you have saved in your vault. This additional encryption provides extra protection against attacks when you are accessing your vault from a public wifi.


Through our partnership with SecureSafe, we have embedded privacy directly into the design and architecture of your vault. As a result, we can ensure that your personal data stays protected at all times.

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We Take a Stand for Privacy
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User Client

Strong user authentication:

  • Your username and password is protected with the Secure Remote Password Protocol (SRP).
  • You can activate 2-factor authentication on your account to give an additional layer of security using your mobile device.

Encryption on a user’s computer and in apps:

  • All passwords are encrypted when they are temporarily loaded in the memory of any computer using AES-256 and a secure session key.
  • Using that same AES-256 encryption, all data stored on your mobile devices is secured so that you can use your Vault in offline mode.

Secure document viewing:

  • What is better than viewing your important documents from wherever you are? Doing it without leaving any digital traces whatsoever. There are no temporary or other files stored on any device when you are accessing your Vault through the web.


Highest protection of essential data:

  • User credentials, metadata and password entries are doubly protected using AES-256.
  • In addition to out EV SSL protection, a session key is created during SRP authentication to encrypt sensitive data like your user data and passwords saved in your Password Vault.
  • Unlike other services on the market, Digital Online Vault never has to butter your credentials or any data derived from it.

File encryption with SSL:

  • Most websites use SSL Certificates, but to get an Extended Verification (EV) certificate, companies must go through an extensive verification process. When you access your Vault, you can verify this certificate by looking for the green color in your browser address bar.

Data Center

The best server security:

  • To protect your data in case of a disaster, we mirror all data between two data centers. This guarantees that your data will always be safe.
  • All servers are monitored 24/7 and alerts are sent to our team using escalation procedures to prevent server problems.
  • Digital Online Vault applications are designed using NIST security guidelines.
  • We constantly update our OS and third party applications to keep them strengthened in all forms of security.
  • All systems are put through penetration testing by security experts to maintain system integrity.
  • McAfee has been contracted to perform daily vulnerability assesments on the platform.

Rigorous data center security:

  • In accordance to the Swiss banking commission standards, our data centers have the highest level of security with access completely limited to specific staff members only.